Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Memoir Material

Dear Mom,

It's a new year which always means new possibilities for even the least goal oriented individual. For me, it means so many new ideas that I can try out.

The other day, a reader suggested that I write a memoir after seeing the content of my letters. I had never thought about it before because, of course, I've never written one. Besides that, I'm not even sure how a memoir is put together. What do you think?

I already know that these letters may or may not rub you the wrong way. If I were to place the feelings that I   have in a book, would that make you even more disappointed in me? Or would you pretend it doesn't exist as you do my letters?

For the record, these letters that I spend so much time writing have given me so much clarity. They have allowed me, thus far, to let go of anger that has been bottled up for so many years. It gives me a voice again, considering you took my voice long ago. Well, not exactly took it, but you smothered it to the point I have to dig for it when I want to really be heard by others.

All of the things I do, especially expressing my feelings for you, is to help me become better. A better mother. A better significant other. A better writer. Most importantly, a better woman. I see myself so much differently than before I started this.

I have been thinking deeply about the memoir idea and will let you know if I decide to go ahead with it. I would love your opinion on it regardless that I know you may not be too happy about it.

Until then,

Your daughter

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