Friday, November 14, 2014

Running a Marathon

Dear Mom,

One thing I've noticed in my search of "finding myself" is I have been running from ALL my problems. I mean, I run so hard you would think I am preparing for a marathon. It's almost as if I believe that if I run long and hard enough the problems and fears will melt away. However, that is not the case.

In my constant marathon the issues seem to be right on my tail. And every time I slow down, they are hovering over my head mocking my every move. It's completely frustrating especially in trying to be a better person.

One of the problems I run from is the "beef" between me and you.

I figured if I became more understanding of you and your actions the issues would go away and alleviate themselves. I also assumed that if I played the "nice gal" in certain scenarios it would force you to look at me in a better light instead of this person you have to constantly be at odds with.

Instead it seems like ignoring the issues and concerns has caused them to grow at an alarming rate. Also, I have noticed that you take my kindness as weakness and seem to use it against me. You take things that are going on with me and subtly stab at who I am trying to be by using my past as a weapon.

It is truly agitating that no matter what, you will find a way to make me question myself and cause me to run some more. You're like the people that hold water out during a race; almost like you encourage me to run instead of stand and face the things that haunt me. I taunt myself, wondering if you like me better scared and running for my life.

To be honest, I try my best not to think about what you think of me. I try endlessly to push your perception of me out of my mind. I want to stop running but I am so concerned that you won't like or accept who I become in the end. And while I should totally not worry about what you think, I actually do, which sucks.

My marathon has to come to an end some time. My legs are tired and I am absolutely spent. All I want is to deal with the world head on and leave all my faults behind. Something inside of me would rather you stop assisting the run or leave me be. But I don't know if you're capable of either. Maybe one day.

Until then,

Your daughter

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dreams That Unlock Reality

Dear Mom,

I had a dream the night before last. Something had happened to my home so the kids and I came to stay with you and dad. You had kicked me out of the house because I didn't see your point of view about something dumb and wouldn't let me see my children. We saw each other in the street and you acted like I didn't exist. Dad would let me in the house when you weren't around to let me see the kids and spend time with them. I was planning a birthday party for one of the children and you walked in. You were furious but before anything could be said, I woke up.

When I awoke I prayed to Allah for strength. The dream shook me so much that I cried without wanting to. The tears flowed on their own and no matter how I tried to stop them, they wouldn't. It was super emotional.

The reason behind the emotion is this dream was actually a reality. Everything that happened within the dream didn't occur in real life but the main parts did. The kicking me out because I didn't agree with what was going on. The not letting me see my children for some time. The seeing me and pretending I didn't exist.

I had stuffed all of this down in my mind never for it to see the light of day. It's one of the worst things that has ever happened to me and the effects of the situation managed to make their way into my world. It had the ability to completely ruin my yesterday but I wouldn't let it.

You know what I did? Even though I felt like my world had shattered all over again, I realized I couldn't allow this painful memory to effect me the way that it did when it happened. I can't afford to be completely depressed and unable to get out of bed especially in front of my children. I can't afford to question all the mistakes I'd ever made and torture myself as if I was worthless especially knowing that I'm worth so much more.

The one thing that gets me is the betrayal I felt from you. In knowing that we still are not at a level of understanding, I think this is what ultimately saddened me. This dream that was once reality needs to be talked about between us either willingly or forcibly with a professional. I want to talk about it but will you ever discuss it with me?

Until then,

Your daughter

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Keys to the House

Dear Mom,

It pained me to find out that I am the only one that does not have keys to the new house. The fact that I didn't know where you guys lived when you first moved 2 years ago saddened me a lot. But I knew at the time you were being seriously hurtful. Now that I actually know and visit at least once every couple weeks, it was a shocker about the keys.

It's really funny, and I mean ironic not hilarious, that my two sisters both have a key. They don't even live in the city, let alone the state. What if something happens? I'm the only one here in the city and I wouldn't even be able to do anything.

The thing that gets me most is that I truly thought we had gotten to a point of understanding and healing in our relationship. Maybe that was just me. Maybe I am so willing to heal old wounds that I chose to not realize that you still have a serious problem with me - your own daughter.

We haven't always gotten along and I get that. However, I still trust you with my home in case something was to happen. I still overlook all the things I feel negatively and try to understand you in order to have a relationship. Neither of us knows how much time we have on this earth, yet you continue to manage to be petty.

I have no idea why it bothers me so much. Honestly, I'm not ever shocked by your antics. I guess it's just that I REALLY thought we were getting somewhere in our damaged relationship. Apparently not. Maybe that will change one day.

Until then,

Your daughter

Friday, September 19, 2014

It's Been a While

Dear Mom,

It's been a while since I last wrote you. Mostly due to not knowing what to say. The last few months have been stressful for all of us, so I figured I would take a break.

You've been dealing with so much. Dad got sick and then I got sick. It was enough to break you. But as usual you kept your cool and made it seem as though everything was okay.

I guess I envy the way you can make a trying time seem simple. Nothing ever seems to shake you while I always feel like I'm losing my mind. You never grimace and always smile in the face of adversity.

Maybe that's where I get my "never let them see you sweat" mentality. Although I'm not as good at it as you. Probably because you've had years of practice.

I know one thing, after such a year of ups and downs you never faltered. I can only wish I could operate the same. You keep your faith strong and I am trying desperately to do the same.

Since things don't shake you as much and you approach it all with a smile, I have begun to admire you more. I just hope one day you'll tell me your secret so that I can be so sure.

Until then,

Your daughter

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Help Me Mom

Dear Mom,

So many things were going right this year. I had put my mind to making my life right and worry free. Things were going great.

But when my kidney failed, everything started to go downhill. I have been fighting to get it back on track but nothing is working. The only good thing that has come is that I got the courage up to publish my first book.

Aside from that, I lost my job with the realty company. You know how much I loved that job, don't you? I talked about it all the time and I was so proud that it was my first steady writing job. Once I lost it, I got an opportunity to work with another company for more money.

I wrote some of the best articles of my life to get this new job. I even made it to the final level. And then they told me that my article wasn't up to their standards, even though they loved the first two. I was so crushed. I thought for sure I had dodged a bullet.

But no. And now I don't know if me and the kids will be able to move by the end of December.

You know how proud I am. I love to do things on my own, considering I've been doing things on my own since I had my oldest daughter at 15. When I got divorced at 25, I thought I wouldn't be able to, but I worked that out too. Now, I think I won't be able to cut it.

My book is out, but it's not selling the way I had hoped. I have 4 others prepared to go before the year is out but just in case they don't sell great either I actually added our story to a fundraising site. If you could, please help and ask your friends to help too -

I know that you believe once I had a child I didn't need you anymore. And I know you don't offer your help to me because I defied you and had a child as a teenager, but I'm not a teenager. I never ask you for monetary help, but this time is different. This is about your grandchildren, not the relationship between you and I.

Just think about it. If you were in a bind, wouldn't you ask for help? Maybe you wouldn't.

Until next time,

Your daughter

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Signing of My First Book

Dear Mom,

What you did was wrong. Seriously. I honestly can't believe that you would do something like that.

When I brought the book that dad had paid for and asked specifically for me to sign it, he looked so proud. It made me smile that I could give him that kind of feeling. But of course you messed that all up with your selfishness.

When I asked you did you want a book, you were nonchalant about it, saying, "Oh, I can just read the one dad gets." So I took it as such.

As soon as my first book arrived I wrote inside, 'To Dad. I love you. Thank you for supporting me all these years. I hope you are proud." I signed it, with love. But for you to then want me to put your name inside of it was just beyond what you do.

You haven't supported my dreams of being a writer. You've done nothing but tell me how I probably wouldn't make it.

I tried to ignore you insisting that your name be in my book, that dad bought. I changed the subject and everything. Dad put it up, hoping you would forget too. But you didn't. Before I got a chance to leave you forced the pen in my hand and wouldn't let me go until I put Mom inside.

I wanted to tell you about yourself right then and there but I didn't want dad to have to deal with your attitude once I left.

Did you even notice the look on dad's face? Did you even care how he felt? Did you care that I wasn't willing to add your name? Nope, you just wanted what you wanted and could have cared less what the rest of us thought or how we felt. As you do.

What was the point, Mom? so you could bra about how you always were there for me. Please. You've done the most damage to me, but you never see it that way.

It's okay though, because I'm going to give daddy another book that is just for him, signed just to him, as it should have been.

One day you will see your error. Oh, I hope.

Until then,

Your daughter

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Finally Published

Dear Mom,

So, I finally published my first book. But you already knew that. It didn't seem like you were too impressed with my accomplishment. It seemed like you were more appalled with the subject matter.

I know that you always taught me and my sisters to never tell our business and that no one should know what goes on behind closed doors. However, it was so freeing for me to be able to share such a personal part of myself with the world. And it could quite possibly help someone else.

Dad was excited and I expected the same from you. But when you showed no concern to my wonderful news, I wasn't surprised at all. I guess I would have been more shocked if you actually said or acted like you were proud. How could I possibly expect you to step outside of your normal non-caring facial expressions?

Somewhere inside me, though, I really was hoping you would have something nice to say. I was silently hoping you would finally shed the disdain you have for me. I don't know what it will take for that to happen, but I was anticipating that this would be a start.

It rather sucks but I have to be honest with myself that this is you. When it comes to me, you show no emotion to the things I do. It's always odd and amazing how you brag to me about my sisters' accomplishments but I don't even get a "good for you" when I do things.

Do you know how it feels to put your best efforts forward and have a parent totally disregard what you do? Maybe you'll explain it to me one day.

Until then,

Your daughter